InfoRoute 5 is the most powerful and versatile scan solution for the legal market and the only one that supports unlimited, complex workflows with speed, accuracy, and simplicity.

InfoRoute 5 Features



Customized workflows for any business process. Projects can now be paused between scanning and routing—this allows for built-in QA or for the scraping of information for the filling of forms on the fly.

Architected for speed and power

Active directory integrates data from other firm resources. Load balancing increases scalability and speed. Works across any MFD platform, flatbed and desktop scanners.


Paradigm shift

All elements of the scanning workflow are built into InfoRoute 5. There is no need to leave the application in order to do anything, including QA. Also, InfoRoute 5 can be completely decoupled from cost recovery: workflows can include cost recovery where appropriate, or the option can be excluded completely, depending on the workflow.

Streamlined, Unlimited Workflows

Everything is organized to make scanning simpler and more efficient. This includes an amazingly clean interface; users can see all queues in a single view. With express scan, users can run a pre-created workflow with a single button.


Not all OCR engines are the same

InfoRoute 5 is built on the latest ABBYY engine. ABBYY helps us deliver the smallest file size, faster (more than 1 page per second) and with 20,000 fewer errors per box.

InfoRoute 5 makes it easier to scan and route documents.

At nQueue we have partnered or worked with about every scanning provider in the market today, and we found that each provider only focuses on one way of scanning, so it did not surprise us when our research found the #1 reason that lawyers don’t scan much is their scanning tools don’t work the way they do. The problem is that while most scan technology is designed to work only one way, lawyers and law firms work in many ways and often one lawyer will complete a task differently than their counterpart down the hall.

Each tool has its strengths, but one size does not fit all. So we launched InfoRoute, with multiple OnRamps and OffRamps to provide much more flexibility. Each user can scan however they like.

What we learned, however, was that it wasn’t just that different people wanted to scan in different ways. That decision is best made based on a task or project-by-project basis. With InfoRoute 5, the way you scan can be determined at the workflow level.

Simply put, InfoRoute 5 takes the best parts of every scanning tool on the market, and delivers them all—to be used however and whenever you’d like.

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InfoRoute 5 Delivers.

Strengthening & customizing your firm’s information workflows lead to better security, accuracy, and efficiency. When you deploy nQueue’s InfoRoute 5 document scanning solution, you’re positioning your organization to improve profitability and turbocharge your workflows. With InfoRoute’s unique technology, you benefit from:

  • Ease of Use
  • Ability for complex processes such as QA
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance
  • Integrated Workflow and Platform Connections
  • Improved Firm Productivity and Cost Savings
  • A Trusted Partnership Focused on Your Success




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