Enhance Efficiency and Profitability throughout Your Law Firm

Does your law firm regularly gather meaningful data? Does this data help you analyze and improve billing, collection, cost control, process workflows and cost management?

nQueue lives to solve your firm’s information workflow challenges. We create technology that streamlines your workflow processes so you can focus on what you do best. With our cost recovery solutions, you benefit from ease of use, enhanced security, integrated workflow and platform connections, improved firm productivity and cost savings. Most importantly, you gain a long-term, trusted partner with more than a 25-year track record – one that genuinely cares about your success regardless of your firm’s size.

With a proper cost recovery system in place, you can expect numerous firm-wide benefits, along with an immediate return on your investment in:

Information Technology

nQueue’s Cost Recovery solution works with current office technology and performs optimally on a daily basis.

  • Flexible interfaces – Embed Cost Recovery into MFDs, on tablet PCs or in traditional terminals.
  • Easy access – Access data and reports from any device, anywhere and at any time with the Cost Recovery thin-client.
  • Secure – Reduce your risk with a secure information process. By protecting your data, you reduce your firms vulnerability.
  • Integration with existing technology – Integrate your Cost Recovery system seamlessly with all major legal software platforms.
  • Buy-it-once Guarantee – Get all software updates and upgrades for no additional charge. Your firm always runs on the most current version.


nQueue’s Cost Recovery system captures all data and requires little training.

  • Capture all data – Collect expense data from print, copy, scan, phone, fax, research, court fees, overnight, courier, travel, credit cards and more.
  • Easy to use for attorneys and staff –Capture, process and act. Do it once and only print if needed. This is embedded technology you don’t even have to think about!
  • Information to make decisions –Gain a better understanding of spending through a complete line of standard and customizable reports.
  • Better deployment of resources –Manage and control internal and external costs so that you can do more with the same personnel.
  • Vendor management – Leverage more information to receive better service and reduced costs from outside service providers.


nQueue’s Cost Recovery system measures all available data to facilitate billing and analysis.

  • Full integration with time-and-billing — Simplify invoicing and enhance accuracy using automatic data transfer to time-and-billing and accounting systems. Our system integrates with all major legal billing systems.
  • On-line exception editing – Generate more accurate bills and fewer write-offs by automatically sending an email link to your staff enabling them to correct invalid input prior to submitting for billing.
  • Automatic import of third-party data – Facilitate quicker invoicing and better expense management by automatically and accurately importing bills related to overnight shipping, research, travel and even employee overtime.
  • Report and analyze – Make better financial projections and decisions with greater insight into the firm’s operations.
  • Reduce financial leakage — Reduce write-offs, no-pays and missed billable transactions, which leads to improved timeliness and accuracy. You can also eliminate manual input of costs.

Managing Partner

nQueue’s Cost Recovery system increases efficiency, profitability and guarantees an immediate return-on-investment.

  • Information accountability – Improve firm billing and collection, make better decisions, turbocharge your workflows and enhance firm profitability.
  • Economically and environmentally – Invest in less hardware, paper, electricity and space.
  • Recover more costs – Capture a higher percentage of measurable data so you can better integrate with existing systems, easily import outside expenses and automate processes to limit exceptions.
  • Expense management –  Make better buying and staffing decisions using more accurate expense data and reporting.
  • Business intelligence  Understand and improve firm profitability by matter, client, practice group, office and more.
  • A partner you can trust  Have peace of mind working with a partner who has more than 25 years in the legal industry. From the largest law firm in the world to an office with just a few attorneys, nQueue is trusted by your most respected peers.

Reverse the trend of declining recoveries and improve profitability firm-wide with nQueue’s Cost Recovery solution. Learn more about how nQueue’s Cost Recovery can address your law firm’s specific challenges. Contact us for a no obligation consultation today.

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