Embedded Cost Recovery and Document Scanning & Routing Solutions

With today’s advanced devices, you no longer need an attached terminal. Streamline operations using nQueue’s Embedded solutions. Our terminal free software installs directly into your mufti-function devices and is accessed through the device’s panel.

Benefits of an Embedded Cost Recovery and InfoRoute Document Scanning & Routing Solutions

Ease of Use

An intuitive design makes it easy for users to quickly and accurately input required information. You simply walk up to a device and enter the required credentials. Alternatively, you can perform a full search or access the Last Recall feature to quickly pull up a list of your most frequently used client and matter numbers. These resources make users more likely to use the system consistently and correctly.


Increased Accuracy

nQueue Embedded offers the highest industry standard for accuracy by employing advanced recording methods. Because embedded Cost Recovery collects information directly from the device’s controller, you access complete and detailed data with 100% accuracy.


Simpler, More Effective Support

Remote access capability delivers superior support to your law firm. By remotely accessing your firm’s system, nQueue can diagnose and correct issues faster.

Lifetime Value

All licenses are fully transferable to new devices. With nQueue, your law firm can leverage the most flexible cost recovery solution available.

Greener is Better

If your goal is to promote a greener workplace, nQueue’s Embedded Document Scanning, Routing and Cost Recovery solutions can help.

By eliminating terminals, you will reduce:

  • Resources needed to manufacture and ship terminals
  • Electricity needed to power additional devices
  • Waste when disposing of old terminals
  • Paper and other disposable resources

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

With an integrated embedded solution your Total Cost of Ownership and maintenance charges are reduced by using your existing hardware, electrical and network connections.

Scan with nQueue Embedded

nQueue Embedded supports InfoRoute the industry-leading document handling platform. With embedded your firm can capture and process scans for cost recovery, management and control purposes directly through a devices control panel, including:

  • Immediate validation of client/matter data
  • Color and black-and-white detection
  • User defined favorites
  • Full history of all scans
  • And many other functions

Print AnyWhere

nQueue Embedded supports Print AnyWhere which allows print jobs to be sent from users’ desktops but only released by the user at any compatible device, thus eliminating the risk of vulnerability for lost or stolen document output. In addition, you can also:

  • Save time by using a device not already busy
  • Delete unwanted jobs
  • Establish rules to enforce print usage waste and misuse
  • Use other features of value

Plus, nQueue helps you accomplish more with your existing resources. By deploying our solutions, you’ll significantly improve both firm and attorney efficiency. You’ll be able to track resource usage and capture valuable business intelligence. You can rely on our technology to drive your firm’s productivity and cost savings.

Learn more about how nQueue’s Cost Recovery solutions can address your law firm’s specific challenges. We care about your success and are committed to forming a long-term, trusted partnership.

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