About nQueue

About: nQueue lives to make the legal industry more efficient and successful.

For more than 25 years, we have focused entirely on solving the workflow challenges facing law firms. Our sole purpose is to develop technology that improves your profitability, turbocharges your workflows and lets you focus on what you do best.

Our Solutions

We provide document scanning, routing and cost recovery for law firms of all sizes. With nQueue’s cost recovery software  you can capture data to maximize recoveries, make better decisions and proactively reduce costs.

InfoRoute, our document scanning and routing solution, allows you to capture, format and route data in less than a second per page. Enhanced workflow solutions let you unlock the value from information so you can run your business more profitably.

Easy to Use With Cross-Device Integration

With nQueue’s InfoRoute and cost recovery solutions, you can count on unmatched ease of use – just capture, process and act from any device, anywhere. At the same time, you are able to have a secure process in place, protecting your data and reducing your vulnerability risk

nQueue’s solutions innovatively integrate your workflow and platform connections. You leverage on-ramps from all your devices and off-ramps, including major document management systems, email, network folders, desktops, mobile and the cloud.

Solve Your Workflow Challenges

Advanced capabilities like these help improve your firm’s productivity and cost management. So, you better position your firm to reap significant cost savings, optimize existing staffing resources and capture valuable business intelligence.

nQueue creates a trusted partnership with your law firm. We take your success seriously and are committed to solving your workflow challenges. For more than 25 years, we have built long-term partnerships with firms of all sizes.

Our Clients

From the largest law firm in the world to offices with just a few attorneys, nQueue serves the entire legal industry.

  • Trusted by Your Most Respected Peers
  • Strong dominance in largest firms worldwide
  • Deployed in firms of all sizes from the largest law firm in the world to an office with just a few attorneys
  • Major worldwide and regional presence on three continents.

Buy it Once Guarantee

nQueue clients can “Buy It Once” and receive all software updates and upgrades at no additional charge.

Financial Stability

Our largest shareholder is Reckon LTD, a $100 million company based in Australia. Based on this relationship, nQueue is perhaps the most stable company in the industry.

Our Partners

Why a Kangaroo?

A kangaroo protects and nurtures her joey by letting it grow right in her pouch. Similarly, nQueue’s document scanning software works within your copiers and multi-function devices to help your data grow into a more valuable resource.

As our mascot, the kangaroo represents our commitment to helping protect and nurture your data. At nQueue, we believe exceptional value exists in your data. We are dedicated to capturing more data, turning it into information and helping you use it for cost recovery, cost management and cost control.