nQueue’s iA Print Anywhere Makes Printing More Secure and Reduces Waste

New Functionality Reduces Costs and Benefits the Environment

Tempe, Ariz., February 12, 2015 – nQueue, the leading provider of cost recovery and document scanning and routing technology, today announced the launch of iA Print Anywhere, which reduces cost and improves security by disassociating the sending of a print job from the releasing of it at the device. iA Print Anywhere is available as an optional component of iA Print Manager.

“Everyday law firms have users that send print jobs to network printers and then pick up those jobs hours later, which creates a security risk,” says John Gilbert, Senior Vice President at nQueue. “Sometimes the job is never picked up at all, which has a negative impact on cost and the environment by wasting paper and other consumables. iA Print Anywhere solves both problems.”

iA Print Anywhere holds jobs sent from the user’s desktop until the user arrives at any compatible device in the firm and authenticates him or herself, either by logging in or swiping an ID (Prox) card. With iA Print Anywhere, printed documents never sit unsecurely in an output tray for hours, possibly to only be recycled. Users can choose any compatible device in the firm at which to print after arriving at the device itself.

iA Print Anywhere includes the following features:

  • Secure Login using Access Card (Self Enrollment) or LDAP Authentication
  • Release and save
  • Print once and release many times
  • Manual and automatic purge of unwanted jobs
  • Release time rules engine
  • Enforce printer usage policies
  • Prevent release on incompatible devices
  • Customizable messages are displayed on the user interface
  • Ensures correct billing details based on output device (e.g. a duplex job printed on a simplex-only printer)
  • Reporting on cost and environmental savings

iA Print Anywhere also integrates with nQueue’s patented iA Embedded solutions for Xerox, Canon and Ricoh devices. For more information about iA Print Anywhere or nQueue please visit www.nQueue.com.

About nQueue

nQueue provides software-based information accountability solutions to more than 35 percent of the largest 250 law firms in the United States, seven of the top 20 in the U.K., seven of the largest 35 in Australia, and five of the Top 10 globally. The company’s Cost Recovery (BillBack) solutions assist firms by enhancing the automation and processing of any operational and administrative expenses, including print, copy, scan, phone, fax, travel, court fees, research, overnight, courier costs, credit card charges and more on an extremely powerful platform. Its Document Scanning & Routing (ScanRoute) solutions enable firms to capture, format, route and control scans to reduce costs associated with document retention and retrieval. nQueue’s software offerings, branded iA® for Information Accountability, can be embedded directly into multi-function devices or reside on tablet computers or terminals to provide clients with the knowledge required to run their businesses more profitably. nQueue is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reckon Limited and is the only truly global cost recovery company. To learn more about nQueue and iA, please visit www.nQueue.com.



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