Which business process should legal organizations improve immediately for long-term success?

By John Gilbert, senior vice president, nQueue

As seen in ILTA’s Peer to Peer

There is enormous value in streamlining a law firm’s document scanning process to reduce the amount of paper at a firm. The key is to implement an iterative process. Make it policy that no documents may be sent to offsite storage: All incoming documents must be scanned immediately and discarded. The same rules apply to boxes recalled from offsite. Documents already in storage may stay there, but nothing may be sent. To get adoption for such a program, provide a simple, common workflow. All scanning devices should have the same interface. Documents should be instantly routed to the appropriate destination within a document management system, right from the device…

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John Gilbert is Senior Vice President at nQueue, a provider of cost recovery and document scanning and routing solutions worldwide. He can be reached at jgilbert@nQueue.com.

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