Cost Recovery, Management & Control for Law Firms

Legal Industry Expertise

From our executive team down, our people have a robust background in the legal industry; many of us have worked at law firms for many years. Our history working with and alongside legal professionals is the basis for our understanding of their workflow challenges.

We Already Revolutionized Cost Recovery

When our competitors were becoming apathetic and indifferentiable, we were revolutionizing the cost recovery business with our patented Embedded solutions. We provided a needed shot of Red Bull to an industry limited to Coke and Pepsi.

We are Now Revolutionizing Scanning and Routing

Only nQueue’s InfoRoute document scanning software solution allows law firms to capture documents using any of four different modules (known as “OnRamps”). Only InfoRoute formats, OCRs and routes scanned documents to any number of destinations (known as “OffRamps”), including leading document management systems, all in less than a second per page.

The “Goldilocks” Company

nQueue is built to compete for your business and keep your business. We are big enough to have ample resources to tackle any challenge, but also nimble enough to adjust to your ever changing needs. We are “just right.”

Buy-It-Once Guarantee

Buy our solutions once and (as long as your maintenance is up to date) receive all future updates and releases at no additional cost. Most companies charge for new releases of their software, but we will cover you for all minor and major software upgrades and updates!

We Partner with Leading Manufacturers

Our Customers View Us as Their Partner

We place a premium on fast and proactive communication. Our clients count on us to tell it like it is: Your problem is our problem. We will be with you every step of the way from installation through support. And our support is legendary: We answer 98% of our support calls live and resolve. We have a dedicated support group, and we will fly anywhere in the world to solve problems on site if necessary.

Unprecedented Stability

For more than 25 years, we have focused entirely on solving the workflow challenges facing law firms, starting by revolutionizing cost recovery, then adding scanning and routing and print security. Our senior leadership team has been in place for more than a decade and our largest shareholder is Reckon LTD, a $100 million company based in Australia.

Trusted by leading law firms worldwide

Our technology is deployed in firms of all sizes and geographies from the largest law firm in the world to a one-person firm in Arizona. We have a strong worldwide and regional presence on three continents.


Buy it Once Guarantee 
All Software Updates and Upgrades are FREE

With nQueue, you simply “Buy It Once.” No need to worry about additional charges for future software updates and upgrades.

Please see your scanning and workflow expert for more details