nQueue’s Print AnyWhere & MobilePrint Solutions

Would you be interested in technology that lets you control where and when you print documents? If you have ever printed a confidential document to a centrally-located MFD and then forgot to pick it up, you understand the genius behind Print AnyWhere and MobilePrint.

nQueue published an overview of these two powerful technologies in Why You Need Print AnyWhere & MobilePrint.. Download your free copy today.

Print AnyWhere allows you to send a document to print, but it does not begin until you arrive and authenticate yourself at the device. By separating the sending of a print job from the releasing of it at the device, you eliminate the risk of leaving confidential documents lying in the tray.

You can also choose any device from which to print your document. For example, if all of the devices near you are busy with print jobs, you can move to the next available and print your document immediately.

Finally, you can set rules in Print AnyWhere to enforce print usage waste and misuse policies. Adding Print AnyWhere to your print workflows creates cost savings and efficiencies besides protecting your confidential documents from lying unsecured.

MobilePrint is a module for Print AnyWhere that allows you to print from any mobile device to any Print AnyWhere enabled printer in your office. You can print from your notebook, tablet, or smartphone, making it easy to print documents on the run without having to go back to your office to send them from your desktop.

MobilePrint and Print AnyWhere allow you to rely on technology to drive your firm’s productivity, cost and environmental savings.

Learn more about nQueue’s Print AnyWhere and MobilePrint in our informative executive overview, Why You Need nQueue’s Print AnyWhere & MobilePrint.

Download your free copy now.