nnQueue Billback and EMSys Form Alliance, Gain Traction in South Africa

London, 21 November, 2011 – nQueue Billback, the leading provider of software-based cost recovery systems and Expense Management Systems, the supplier of choice to South Africa’s premiere professional services firms, have entered into an alliance partnership and earned three new major law firm clients in South Africa. The arrangement accelerates nQueue Billback’s current position in South Africa and is a further demonstration of the company’s pioneering leadership in the global market.

Expense Management Systems (EMSys) has been delivering cost recovery since 2001. “We have been entrenched in this market for more than a decade and we have been particularly impressed with nQueue Billback’s quality of delivery, research and development, and innovative products,” said Duncan Smith, Director at EMsys. “Our clients have been especially attracted to nQueue Billback’s Buy-It-Once Guarantee, which allows us to provide upgrades to clients without additional cost.”

The relationship has already born fruit, with three major law firms on board. “We expect many more to follow as more South African law firms continue to recognise the value of our innovation in cost recovery combined with outstanding support from EMSys,” said Stewart Hadley, Vice President, EMEA at nQueue Billback. “We already feel a kinship with EMSys, as we are both strong believers in acting with a sense of urgency and providing top quality service.”

In addition to nQueue Billback’s unique “Buy It Once Guarantee,” much of the company’s success can be attributed to the fact that its software offerings, branded iA for Information Accountability, provide much more than traditional cost recovery – functionality the company refers to as “Cost Recovery PLUS.” nQueue Billback clients use its technology to do much more than simply recover costs. By using the data provided, they can improve efficiency, manage all expenses and make better decisions. Furthermore, iA is optimized for efficiency. For example, the company’s iA Print is client-based and has proven to be faster and more responsive than competitor’s server-based solutions in side-by-side comparisons.

For more information, please visit www.emsys.co.za or www.nQBillback.co.uk.

About nQueue

nQueue provides software-based information accountability solutions to more than 35 percent of the largest 250 law firms in the United States, seven of the top 20 in the U.K., seven of the largest 35 in Australia, and five of the Top 10 globally. The company’s Cost Recovery (BillBack) solutions assist firms by enhancing the automation and processing of any operational and administrative expenses, including print, copy, scan, phone, fax, travel, court fees, research, overnight, courier costs, credit card charges and more on an extremely powerful platform. Its Document Scanning & Routing (ScanRoute) solutions enable firms to capture, format, route and control scans to reduce costs associated with document retention and retrieval. nQueue’s software offerings, branded iA® for Information Accountability, can be embedded directly into multi-function devices or reside on tablet computers or terminals to provide clients with the knowledge required to run their businesses more profitably. nQueue is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reckon Limited and is the only truly global cost recovery company. To learn more about nQueue and iA, please visit www.nQueue.com.



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