Law Firm Print Management Software

Anyone in the legal professional knows you can gain a competitive edge by managing your processes and workflows, especially when it comes to document management. Yet many firms continue to struggle with users printing out sensitive documents only to leave them on the printer.

The need for print management software

Law firm print management software can significantly improve your workflows. Each print job must be authorized at the device before you can print and claim it. Using authentication has the added benefit of significant cost savings when it comes to wasted toner and paper when someone prints and forgets.

Another benefit of print management software is it allows you to set up rules to enforce print usage waste and misuse policies. You can control what gets printed and where it prints. For example, users can delete unwanted jobs rather than print them, or change to a black and white copy if color was inadvertently selected.

Control and guarantee secure printing

Law firm print management software lets you print anywhere. You can offer convenience to your users without adding more printers and control your equipment costs. Printing anywhere technology allows users to move to the next available machine to print their documents rather than stand in line. They simply authenticate themselves at an unused machine and print their job.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, law firm print management software allows you to guarantee secure printing. Many people have taken a stack of papers from a printer only to realize later they have someone else’s documents. Using print management software that makes users authenticate themselves before allowing a document to print puts users squarely in front of the printer while their job prints. Authenticating at the printer eliminates the risk someone else might accidentally take sensitive documents they should not see.


Documents are an important piece of your law firm’s workflows and productivity. You have a legal obligation to secure sensitive documents. Keep your clients’ confidentiality safe and secure with the right tools provided by law firm print management software.