Firm-Wide Document Scanning: Establishing Your Process

Making the decision to implement firm-wide document scanning can reap impressive returns in efficiency, productivity, and bottom-line savings. You will need to decide how to organize your folders and files and, more importantly, how to structure your workflows. With the proper planning and workflow analysis, you will be more successful in improving efficiency, simplifying storage and retrieval, and saving expenses in the long run.

How to establish your process

Before you implement your firm-wide document scanning solution, ask the following questions.

    • What documents does your practice need to convert to electronic files?
    • How will you handle closed cases and old documents?
    • Will you store both incoming and outgoing documents electronically?
    • Will you scan all documents or only certain documents?
    • How will you handle evidence like medical records?
    • Do all documents get shredded after scanning?
    • Do you want to search electronic files or only want an image?
    • Will you need to set individual security levels on a case-by-case basis to restrict access?
    • Where will you route the electronic files in your document management system?

Your answers will help you create an internal procedure to cover firm-wide document scanning. When you put procedures in place, you can rest assured that everyone in your firm, from the partners to the office assistants, will follow the same steps to support a consistent and comprehensive document management process. Then you can find the right document scanning solution to automate your workflows.

Communicate your new workflow process and encourage your staff to follow the steps. This will take discipline on everyone’s part, but is critical to the success of your firm-wide document scanning solution.


Remember, jumping into a firm-wide document scanning solution without proper planning and consideration can impede your successful implementation. By mapping out your proposed workflow, you can create a written policy for your office that enables everyone to use your document scanning system in a consistent and cohesive manner. The result is improved efficiency and instantaneous storage and retrieval.

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