Document Scanning Benefits for Lawyers

Attaining desired client outcomes is the goal for any case, and saving time and money along the way can have a significant impact on a law firm’s bottom line.

Stakeholders in law offices collaborate on documents related to a client via snail mail, email, conference calls, and other communication platforms, which can lead to problems. Missing files, paperwork getting into the wrong hands, lost documents, and the misplacement of critical information lead to wasted time and effort spent searching and even breaches of security.

A solution more successful law firms are turning to every day is document scanning. Here are four document scanning benefits for lawyers you cannot afford to ignore:

    1. Efficient access to complete client files

Rather than printing out emails, depositions, and other documents, a document scanning solution allows you to scan securely, capture, and store everything in your document management system (DMS). Electronic copies are searchable, making it easy and quick to retrieve a document at a moment’s notice, without leaving your desk.

    1. Maintain document security

You can eliminate lost documents when you scan and route electronic copies of everything to your DMS. With controlled access to your electronic files, you can monitor who accesses any document with a complete audit trail. Eliminating the need to handle paper files enhances security and helps maintain compliance.

    1. Reduce storage costs

Consider all of the costs associated with keeping paper documents: the paper itself, file folders, the time needed to file a document in a case folder, the time taken to find a misfiled document, and even time required to reproduce missing documents. Add to that the cost of storage space, and scanning paper into electronic formats significantly impacts your firm’s bottom line.

    1. Integrate your DMS

A document scanning solution that integrates with your DMS streamlines your information workflows, saving time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiency. Everything you need for a matter is centrally located and accessible from anywhere and on any device. Scanning and routing to your DMS will reduce the risk of loss, theft, and destruction that can happen with paper.


Document scanning benefits for lawyers include reduced storage costs, more efficient communication, and protection of sensitive data. Use technology to help your law firm spend less time and money on administrative matters and more time resolving your clients’ cases.

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