Benefits of Document Scanning Software for Law Firms

Law firms must manage an enormous amount of paperwork. Practices trying to go paperless, or even just have less paper, find multiple benefits that impact their bottom line, saving time and money. Document scanning software can take the overwhelming amount of paper and convert it to electronic files offering the following advantages:

Increased productivity and efficiency

If you have ever searched for lost files or misplaced paperwork, you understand how time-consuming and frustrating paper documents and filing systems are. You can eliminate these time-wasters when you implement document scanning software. Electronic files are easy to locate, simple to search, and accessible based on preset security levels.

When clients request documents, rather than copying, faxing, or couriering paper copies, you can electronically send the information. Sharing electronic files eliminates the busy work for staff responsible for filing, copying, and distributing paper copies to all parties involved.

Integrate your DMS

When you choose the right document scanning software, you get integration with your document management system (DMS). You can now store all documents your practice needs in your DMS where they are easily located and filed by matter number.

Integrating your document scanning software with your DMS provides obvious efficiencies, but also helps streamline your workflows. When you automate scanning and routing documents to their proper place in your DMS, on a network server, to a desktop, or to an email inbox, you end the unnecessary handling of paper that creates a bottleneck in your workflow.

Increase your cost savings

Time is money; document scanning software saves valuable time your team could better spend in billable hours serving clients. Also consider the cost savings in storage alone. When you are not storing and filing pieces of paper, you eliminate the extra equipment and space needed to process and house paper files.

You also reduce your office expenses for items like paper, filing cabinets, office space rent, and even off-site storage costs. Reducing these costs can provide a significant positive impact on your firm’s bottom line.


These benefits are only a few of the many advantages of leveraging document scanning software. Your law firm can feel comfortable with the technological advances made in security for compliance and with moving from paper to electronic files. In addition, you can set secure access per matter to deter anyone without authorization from accessing confidential information.

To learn more amazing benefits of moving to document scanning software, contact nQueue today.  Our flagship software, InfoRoute, is a powerful, industry-leading document scanning and routing solution that can transform your firm’s document management.